Friday, December 24, 2010

DiskRepair rogue of the FakeSysDef Family

DiskRepair is a rogue of the FakeSysDef  (Fake system Defragmenter Family that uses fake alerts stating hard drive and windows system error that then generates a fake scan mimicking  a real Windows defragging screen.

This family of rogues is also known to be infect computers with one of the TDL2, TDL3, or TDL4 MBR rootkit Trojans.

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You can download a free trial to remove the rogues of the DiskRepair rogue from your PC  for no cost by clicking on the link below:
 If you are unable to download and install our malware removal tool because this has infected your computer and is not allowing you to install the program, you can use our VIPRE Rescue Disc here:

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