Monday, January 12, 2009


SpyCrush is a phony anti-spyware program that installs to computers by widely spread trojans and exploits. SpyCrush is rogue antispyware and should be removed from infected PC's.

SpyCrush automatically runs on every Windows startup. SpyCrush will scan users computers searching for spyware, once the scan is complete SpyCrush will frighten the user with scan results of malicious threats and will refuse to clean the PC until the user purchase the software.

SpyCrush is a trojan that displays an icon in the system tray. This icon shows a message saying that the compromised computer is infected with dangerous spyware parasites and asks the user to download and install a removal program, which actually is SpyCrush, the same named corrupt illegally distributed spyware remover. Once the user clicks on that message, the trojan opens a web site distributing SpyCrush. It may also attempt to download the application without asking for user permission. The trojan is able to change the Internet Explorer default home page, redirect the web browser to malicious web sites, download and install other parasites.

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