Thursday, January 29, 2009


TheSpyBot is a rogue antispyware software designed to rip people off. TheSpyBot is a complete scam that relies on scare tactics to frighten people with false security warnings into buying the software. Do not fall for TheSpyBot scam, save your money, do not buy this corrupt antispyware software.

TheSpyBot makes it's way from computer to computer via security holes on the internet and via Trojans. When installed on a computer the user will experience a massive amount of pop-up advertisements, a barrage of falsified security warnings, the desktop will be hijacked and the computer will run sluggishly.

Removal of TheSpyBot is recommended for infected PC's, manual removal can be difficult because the program will continually try to reinstall itself. Use a legit antispyware or antivirus program to remove TheSpyBot.

VIPRE can remove this threat, click here to use VIPRE to remove TheSpyBot from your PC now.

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