Friday, May 22, 2009

Fast Antivirus 2009

Fast Antivirus 2009 is a fake antivirus software. Fast Antivirus 2009 is designed to rip people off. If your computer is infected with Fast Antivirus 2009, you should remove it immediately.

Fast Antivirus 2009 will install itself onto a computer without the users knowledge or permission through the Vundo Trojan or other fake software. Once installed on a computer Fast Antivirus 2009 will preform a system scan and purposely issues misleading and exaggerated results in an attempt to frighten users into thinking their PC's are in need of fixing. These fake warnings are displayed with hopes that users will fall for the scam and buy the full version of Fast Antivirus 2009 to fix their computers. The only real threat to the PC is usually Fast Antivirus 2009 itself, when this corrupt antivirus software is installed on a computer it will cause the machine to slow down dramatically and will put the users privacy and data at risk.

It is important to remove Fast Antivirus 2009 from infected computers immediately. If your computer is infected with this parasite, you can remove it quickly and easily with VIPRE. Click here to download VIPRE now.

1 comment:

  1. fast antivirus is actually bad cos my friends have been victims.what i use is an antivirus and antispyware (2 in 1) is awesome.