Monday, November 9, 2009


SystemVeteran is a phony security program, also known as rogue antivirus software. SystemVeteran preys on unsuspecting PC users, tricking them into buying a license of this corrupt software. If SystemVeteran is installed on your PC, you should remove it immediately.

Once SystemVeteran infects a PC it will install over 730 files on the PC, which it will report as infections when it preforms a system scan. SystemVeteran will also display pop-ups stating the PC is infected or under attack in an attempt to trick people into buying the software to clean the supposed infections from their computers.

SystemVeteran is a very serious security risk that should be removed form infected PC's immediately. SystemVeteran will make browsing the web nearly impossible as it will hijack the browser and redirect the user to malicious websites. SystemVeteran will not allow the user to open programs on the PC, stating they are infected. Again these warnings are false, used to trick people into buying the software to get the PC back to a usable state.

Unfortunately when SystemVeteran is purchased, it does not remove infections, it will not protect against future infections. SystemVeteran will instead continue to nag the user until the rogue is completely removed form the computer.

You can remove SystemVeteran from your PC with VIPRE Antivirus. Use VIPRE's 15-day trial to remove SystemVeteran and any other infections your PC may have for free.

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