Thursday, May 20, 2010

AKM Antivirus 2010 Pro and Antimalware Doctor

AKM Antivirus 2010 Pro and Antimalware Doctor are both rogue antimalware/antivirus programs, used to rip people off.

These rogue security program will continually nag the user with security warnings, alerts and system scan that insist the PC is infected. Actually the only infections are these programs themselves. AKM Antivirus 2010 and Antimalware Doctor show these false security warnings to trick people into buying them. If left on the PC these program will make the user's life a living hell, preventing other programs from opening, constant pop ups and alerts, browsers will be hijacked or not work at all.

AKM Antivirus 2010 Pro

Antimalware Doctor

If your PC has been infected with Antimalware Doctor or AKM Antivirus 2010 Pro, you should remove them immediately. Click here to remove these rogue programs with VIRPE Antivirus for free.

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