Monday, May 10, 2010

RST Antivirus 2010

RST Antivirus 2010 is a phony security software, designed to trick people with fake security warnings and system virus scans. Regardless if your computer is infected or not, RST Antivirus 2010 will report multiple viruse infections in hopes of tricking people into buying the software.

The RST Antivirus 2010 scam works like this:

1. It infects as many PC's as possible - the software installs without the users concent or knowledge

2. The software will suddenly appear and warn the user that the PC is infected, it will use pop-ups, system alerts, even a fake system scan

3. The software will refuse to remove the supposed infections until the user buys the software.

4. If the user buys the software, RST Antivirus 2010 will not remove any infections from the PC, but continue to infected it. Now the thieves have the user's credit card number and will most likely sell it on the black market.

5. If RST Antivirus 2010 is left on the PC, regardless if the user buys it or not, it will cause programs to shut down and prevent them from opening, in many cases it will prevent internet explorer from opening and render the PC almost useless.

If RST Antivirus 2010 has infected your PC, do not fall for the scam, remove it immediately from your system.

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