Friday, August 27, 2010

AntiSpy Safeguard

AntiSpy Safeguard is in the FakeRean family of rogue security products. VIPRE detects it as Trojan.Win32.Generic.pak!cobra. Like all rogues, it does a fake scan of your computer then tells you it has found malicious code.

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It requires you to pay for the fake software before it “cleans” your machine of the fictitious infections.

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One way (there may be others) that AntiSpy Safeguard is delivered is through a phony “Microsoft Security Essentials Alert” which is displayed by a Trojan.

Basically, it mimics the idea of VirusTotal, ( ) a site which enables you to see how 40 legitimate security companies identify a sample of malicious code that you submit.

The downloader copies itself into multiple folders under different names. After five to 15 minutes it generates a fake alert pop-up window:

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If you click ANY of the four buttons on the scary “Potential threat details” screen, it takes you to a web site that shows you how different anti-malware products allegedly identify the malware that is (not really) on your computer. It includes a long list of legitimate ones, which, oddly enough find no infection on your machine.

However, the display shows that some of them -- all of which are rogues -- have identified malicious files. They have a “free install” button listed next to their names. Clicking on the buttons installs the rogues. (AntiSpy Safeguard is lower on list and not shown).

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To Remove AntiSpy Safeguard:

If AntiSpy Safeguard has infected your PC, you should remove it immediately. Click here to use VIPRE to remove AntiSpy Safeguard from your computer now.

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