Thursday, November 11, 2010

How to Remove Internet Security Suite Rogue

Internet Security Suite is a rogue security product that pretends to find malicious code on a victim’s machine in order to frighten him or her into purchasing this useless application. It’s the latest rogue of the FakeVimes family. Both the downloader and module are detected as FraudTool.Win32.FakeVimes!VB (v).

This replaces SmartEngine.FakeVimes as the latest member of the FakeVimes family

Threat Name:

InternetSecuritySuite installer:

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InternetSecuritySuite graphic interface.

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How to remove Internet Security Suite:

If  Internet Security Suite has infected your pc, you should remove it immediately. Click here to use VIPRE to remove Internet Security Suite from your computer now.


  1. Would have been nice if VIPRE would have prevented the install of this malware in the first place but it didn'.t To fix it, I had to remove the hard drive from my sister's computer and connect it to mine as a parallel install. Then I removed it with Malwarebytes.

  2. We're sorry that VIPRE missed the malcode that you encountered. Some rogues are polymorphic and new variants continue to appear. If you ever encounter a threat that VIPRE fails to clean for whatever reason, you can get assistance from security response through the support form: and we will remove it for free.