Tuesday, January 6, 2009


ErrorSafe is yet another rogue antispyware software created by WinSoftware LTD. ErrorSafe should be removed form infected computers immediately.

ErrorSafe is a disabled data repair utility that nags the user to purchase it in order to fix the problems reported in its scan.

ErrorSafe is installed through security exploits and bundled with spyware/malware. ErrorSafe sponsors an affiliate program via www.softwareprofit.com. Webmasters participating in the program are paid according to the sales generated from installation. The program will scan the computer and report errors as repairable but does not provide any details to what is at risk. It then recommends repair that requires a purchase to unlock the program.

ErrorSafe sets a registry key to automatically launch the program on startup. The program communicates with a statistic tracking server for the purpose of web site tracking for its affiliate program. ErrorSafe is the same program as WinFixer.

ErrorSafe may be removed by using the Add/Remove applet in the Windows Control Panel or with legit antispyware software.

Remove ErrorSafe from your PC now!
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