Monday, November 30, 2009

eco Antivirus 2010

eco Antivirus 2010 is fake security software, designed to trick people into buying the software with false security alerts and warnings.

eco Antivirus 2010 claims to help you "Stay Protected, Care of Earth", I guess these cyber thieves felt it was time to scam the tree-hugging PC users with a tag line like that. I'm not sure how any antivirus could help care for earth, but at any rate, this is a scam.

eco Antivirus 2010 will produce system scan results stating the PC has serious infections, then will prompt the user to purchase a license of the software to remove the supposed infections. These system scan reports are fictitious, created to frighten people into thinking their PC is infected with hopes they will fall for the scam and buy the software.

eco Antivirus 2010 uses many different tactics to rip people off. eco Antivirus 2010 will use alerts and system warnings, hijack the web browser, show warnings when other programs are opened, eco Antivirus 2010 will also make it impossible to open other programs.

If your PC is infected with eco Antivirus 2010, you should remove it immediately as it poses serious security risks. VIPRE can remove ecoAntivirus2010 from infected PC's. Click here to use the 15-day trial of VIPRE to remove this rogue from your PC for free.

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