Friday, January 23, 2009


Files-Secure is a rogue anti-spyware program that displays false positives and exaggerated results when scanning for security threats on PC's. Files-Secure is a scam using scare tactics to frighten people into buying the software. Using false positives in scan results Files-Secure preys on gullible people to pay for the full version of the software to remove the false threats.

Files-Secure is a clone of another rogue security software called IEDefender.

When installed on a PC, Files-Secure will automatically scan the computer and display legitimate programs as malware and removal of those programs and turn out to be potentially dangerous.

If your computer is infected with Files-Secure we recommend you remove now. You can remove Files-Secure easily for no cost with VIPRE Antivirus, use the free trial to clean your PC of all threats.

Click here to start removal of Files-Secure form your PC.

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