Friday, January 23, 2009


MalwareCrush is a rogue antispyware software known for scaremongering, high-pressure advertising practices.

MalwareCrush is usually installed on computers through the use of Trojans and other malware, typically downloaded along with other programs masquerading as a video codecs required to view a video on a web page. When these Trojans are installed, they will instead show fake security alerts in the Windows taskbar and install MalwareCrush onto the computer without the users consent.

Once MalwareCrush is installed, it will automatically start and scan the computer. When the scan is finished it will have found the malware that actually installed it in the first place, but will require the user to purchase the software before they can attempt to remove it. This is obviously a scam and MalwareCrush should not be purchased under any circumstances.

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