Monday, January 12, 2009


PerfectCleaner is a rogue antispyware software and should be removed from infected PC's. PerfectCleaner is a PC parasite that is made to look like it will scan for and repair errors in the Windows registy.

PerfectCleaner uses aggressive and deceptive marketing methods and has been seen bundled with adware. PerfectCleaner normally is installed after uers click on deceptive pop-up advertising informing them that that have system errors. PerfectCleaner scans for and reports supposed errors, but will not repair them unless the user pays for the program.

PerfectCleaner should be avoided and infected PC's should be cleaned asap.

Clean PerfectCleaner off your PC now!
(Clicking the above link will download VIPRE Antivirus. Use the 15-day trial to remove PerfectCleaner and other PC threats free.)

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