Monday, January 12, 2009


SpyAway is a rogue antispyware software and should be avoided, infected PC's should have SpyAway removed immediately.

SpyAway makes it's way to people's computers via Trojans, such as Zlob. SpyAway displays annoying popups and phony system notifications to scare people into thinking their computer is infected. SpyAway will not remove the reported false threats, people are asked to buy the full version of the program, which is fake.

SpyAway should not be trusted and people should not purchase this fake antispyware software. If your computer has SpyAway on it you should remove it asap. We recommend using VIPRE to remove SpyAway and other malicious parasites on your computer.

Download VIPRE free 15-day trial here to clean your PC now.

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