Friday, January 2, 2009

RedV Protector Suite

RedV Protector Suite is a rogue antispyware software that gathers users personal information and web usage data to display aggressive advertising as well as shares this personal information with third party sites. EasyInstall is the spyware portion from RedV which acts as spyware collecting users personal information.

RedV EasyInstall is bundled with file sharing programs such as Grokster. Actual end user license agreement reads "In order to provide this service, RedV Network collects information on your web usage that remains anonymous to third parties. RedV Network may derive personal preference profiles from your Personal Information and web usage."

Any security software what collects users personal information for advertising or third party usage is a rogue antispyware and should be uninstalled from your computer immediately.

To remove RedV Protector Suite or EasyInstall from your computer, you can click on the link below and use VIPRE Antivirus + Antispyware's free 15-day trial.

VIPRE is a legit antispyware software that does not collect users personal information and is not a Rogue application.

Remove RedV Protector Suite from your PC now.
(Clicking on the above will initiate VIPRE Installation.)

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