Monday, January 26, 2009


SecureCleaner is a phony antispyware software, or rogue antispyware software. SecureCleaner is a complete scam, relying on scaring people with false PC security threats to get them to buy the software. No not trust SecureCleaner, save your money do not buy this corrupt software.

SecureCleaner usually spreads from PC to PC with trojan threats or via loopholes in you web browser security. Once installed on a computer SecureCleaner will try to frighten people into downloading and installing SecureCleaner, only to harass them with pop-up notifications and faux-scans afterwards. After the fake scans are completed, SecureCleaner displays falsified scan reports in order to trick its victims into purchasing the "full" SecureCleaner version.

If your PC has been infected with the SecureCleaner parasite, we strongly recommend you remove it immediately.

Click here to start removal of SecureCleaner now.
(The above link will start VIPRE Antivirus download. Use the trial to remove all parasites from your PC for free.)

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