Thursday, July 2, 2009

Why VIPRE Antivirus?

Here at we always recommend our readers use VIPRE Antivirus when cleaning rogue antispyware, trojans, rootkits, viruses and other malware form their computers, ever wonder why?

VIPRE is a relatively new product, it's only been available for a year or so, but it has proven itself time an again to be extremely effective and detecting and removing malware. VIPRE also lives up to it's claim of being the fastest antivirus software.

Don't take our word for it, there are hundreds of others including bloggers who feel the same way about VIPRE as we do, here are a few of them:

If that's not enough proof, you will just have to download a free trial of the software and try it for yourself. Click here to download a free 15-day trial of VIPRE Antivirus now.


  1. FYI: VIPRE doesn't run so fast on my computer; it takes about 55 minutes to scan 30 MB (35 processes, 61757 files, 23106 registry keys) and that is when it has 100% of the CPU available at least 90% of the time. (I run it at the end of my day and use the "Shutdown computer when finished" option, although it apparently has a bug that makes it difficult to set.) Maybe the slow scan speed is to be expected since there is evidence that malware is installed and running on the same computer. Often it slows everything down, but doesn't seem to be doing anything else (such as sending streams of spam or participating in a DDoS attack). Of course, VIPRE has never detected it since I began running it in November 2008.

  2. Hi Stardance,

    Do you have any other antivirus software installed on your machine? Usually if you run VIPRE with other antivirus software installed you will experience problems similar to what you are describing here.

    I urge you to contact Sunbelt Software's technical support. Sunbelt has the best US Based support staff and contacting them is completely painless and its free.

    Thanks for visiting!

  3. Sorry for the belated reply. The software for this message system is a piece of junk!! It will dump you for no apparent reason and whatever you have written just disappears. (Well, maybe Sunbelt really doesn't want any feedback from their customers!)

    FYI: I have never ran any other anti-malware while VIPRE is running (and vice-versa), just Sunbelt Personal Firewall or Online Armor (a firewall). Sometimes I command VIPRE to exit, then I run Malwarebytes Antimalware or SUPERAntiSpywarePro. It is not necessary to effect a complex installation of either one, such as installing a kernel-mode driver, just to scan files.

    Sometimes I run Panda Online Scanner, F-Secure Online Scanner or Bit Defender Online Scanner. Many files must be downloaded for each one, but they don't leave anything behind that could cause a conflict with any other security software.

    Malwarebytes scans in about half of the time that VIPRE requires; all of the online scanners are faster, too, but downloading the files before they scan can make the total time to setup and scan with them longer than it usually takes for a VIPRE run.

    Sunbelt support personnel already know more than they ever wanted to know about the evidence for malware installed and running on this computer system. They have passed the information to the developers, but I haven't heard anything from them; after all, what would they say?