Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sunshine Spy

SunshineSpy is a rogue anti-spyware application, or a fake antispyware software.

SunshineSpy is usually installed onto a computer through Trojans that launch fake security alerts. SunshineSpy displays exaggerated security scans and/or pop up security alerts to try to scare people into buying the full version of the software.
SunshineSpy will also change the desktop with a fake alert!

SunshineSpy is a PC threat that should be taken very seriously. Infected PC's should have this pest removed immediately. Manual removal of SunshineSpy can be very difficult as the prgoram will continually try to reinstall itself. The easiest way to remove this nasty rogue antispyware is with a legit antivirus or antispyware software.

We recommend using VIPRE Antivirus to remove SunshineSpy from your computer.

Click here to start removal of SunshineSpy now.

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