Thursday, January 15, 2009


VirusProtectPro, also called VirusProtect, is a fake anti-spyware program and should be avoided as it is a total scam.

VirusProtectPro is installed via a type of Trojan infection called Zlob Trojans which masquerade as video or audio codecs required to view a movie or listen to a audio file. In reality, though, these Trojans instead install VirusProtect as well as other malware on to your computer without permission.

When the Zlob Trojan is launched on your computer, it will automatically download and install Virus Protect Pro. When VirusProtectPro has finished downloading and is installed, it will automatically launch and start a scan of the computer. This scan will provide exaggerated or false results and state that the only way to clean these "infections" is to purchase the commercial version of the software. They do this purely as a way to scare people into purchasing the full commercial version of their software.

VirusProtect is a complete scam and you should not purchase the software. Computers infected with VirusProtectPro should have the program removed immediately.

Click here to remove VirusProtect or VirusProtectPro from your computer now.
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