Wednesday, January 21, 2009


XPAntivirus is a very nasty rogue antispyware that should be avoided and removed from infected computers. DO NOT BUY XPANTIVIRUS, IT IS A SCAM!

XPAntivirus is an unwanted corrupt anti-spyware application that infiltrates users' system via false and misleading advertising. Once inside, XPAntivirus will try to trick you into buying it by claiming you have been infected with spyware and then showing you falsified error reports. XPAntivirus tries to scare PC users into buying the software and has been quite successful over the past few years.

This rogue anti-spyware presents itself by several different names:
  • XPAntivirus 2009
  • XP Antivirus 2008
  • XP Antivirus 2008 V2.5

If your PC is infected with XPAntivirus, you should remove it now.

Click here to use VIPRE Antivirus to remove this parasite form your PC.

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