Thursday, February 19, 2009

AntiSpy Knight

Antispy Knight is a rogue antispyware software designed to look like legitimate security software. Antispy Knight is a scam, created to rip people off. Do not trust this corrupt software.

Antispy Knight makes its way from PC to PC with the help of Trojans. Antispy Knight uses scare tactics to frighten people into buying the software. With false system scans reporting numerous bogus infections and continual pop-up windows claiming the PC is infected, Antispy Knight uses these false warnings and system alerts to make people freak out thinking their PC is infected and they need to buy this software to remove the infections. AntiSpy Knight will also redirect web browsers when users try to brows the internet, making this infection very, very annoying. Antispy Knight is useless software, even when purchased, the security warnings will continue and the software will do nothing to protect the computer.

If your PC is infected with Antispy Knight, you should remove it immediately, because Antispy Knight usually infects PC's via Trojans, those trojans are capable of infecting the PC with other malware.

VIPRE can remove Antispy Knight. Click here to use VIPRE to remove Antispy Knight from your PC now.

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