Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Antispyware 2008

Antispyware 2008 is a phony security software, also know as a rogue antispyware software. Antispyware 2008 is a scam, created to rip people off. Do not buy Antispyware 2008.

AntiSpyware 2008 is created by the same idiots who created Antivirus 2009, another rogue antispyware software that scams people out of their money.

Antispyware 2008 is advertised on misleading and deceptive web sites that pretend to be malware scanners that find infections on users computers. They do this to scare people into thinking they are infected, even though a web site can't possibly know this, in the hopes that people will download and install the AntiSpyware 2008 program.

Once installed on a computer Antispyware 2008 will will scan the computer and come back with a list of security risks that the user cannot remove unless they first purchase a license of the software.

In order to remove Antispyware 2008 and the other malware that is bundled with this parasite, a legitimate antivirus or antispyware program is needed. Some of the Trojans and malware that is bundled with this rogue will change the infected computers home page, create fake alerts, and occasionally display alerts in Internet Explorer stating that the computer is infected.

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