Monday, February 16, 2009

Antispyware PRO XP

AntiSpyware Pro XP is a phony antispyware program, or a rogue antispyware software. Antispyware Pro XP is created by the same hacks who created, AntiSpyware XP 2008, a clone of Antispyware Pro XP.

Antispyware Pro XP makes it's way onto computer systems via malware and websites that display pop-ups that look like legit security warnings, stating the PC is infected. These pop-ups are fake, yet when people click them it immediately downloads Antispyware Pro XP.

After Antispyware Pro XP infects a computer it will immediately run a system scan and report various infections on the computer, which are all fake. It will serve false security warnings in the form of pop-ups and other warnings while browsing the internet. All these security warnings are fake and designed to make people think they need to buy this software to clean their PC's. Do not fall for the Antispyware Pro XP scam!

If your PC is infected with Antispyware Pro XP, click here to remove this nasty pest with VIPRE.

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