Monday, February 2, 2009


AntispywareDeluxe is a fake program designed to rip people off. If you have AntispywareDeluxe or AntispyDeluxe on your computer, you should remove it immediately. This software is completely useless. AntispywareDeluxe, also known as AntispyDeluxe, is rogue antispyware and should be avoided.

AntispywareDeluxe makes its way from computer to computer via trojans such as Zlob and web browser security holes. After infecting a computer AntispywareDeluxe will use falsified scan results to intimidate people into buying the corrupt software.

If your computer is infected with AntispywareDeluxe, you should remove it immediately. Click here to use VIPRE to remove AntispywareDeluxe or AntispyDeluxe form your PC now.

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