Friday, February 20, 2009

Extra Antivir

Extra Antivir is a phony antivirus software or a rogue antivirus program made by the same jerks who made Rapid Antivirus, another rogue antivirus that scams people out of their money.

Extra Antivir uses false positives and fake alerts to try and scare people into thinking their computers are infected. Extra Antivir configures itself to automatically run when the computer starts, causing the computer to run slowly and sluggishly. Extra Antivir will perform a supposed anti-malware scan and then list a variety of legitimate applications as infections that cannot be removed unless the user first purchases the program. In fact some of these files are legitimate Windows file, and if deleted, could cause the computer to not operate correctly. Any warnings or scan results that Extra Antivir displays should be ignored and the program should be removed form the computer.

VIPRE can remove Extra Antivir. Click here to remove Extra Antivir with VIPRE.

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