Friday, February 20, 2009


SpyProtector is a phony or rogue antispyware software, designed to rip people off. SpyProtector should be avoided and removed from infected PC's.

SpyProtector uses misleading advertising to make people think they are infected and download this corrupt software. If the user decides to download SpyProtector it will be configured to start automatically when they logon to Windows, which can cause the PC to run sluggish and slow. SpyProtector will scan the computer and list a variety of legitimate Windows files as infections that cannot be removed unless the user purchases the program. These files, though, are all legitimate files and deleting them could cause serious problems with the operation of the computer. These files are only being shown as infections in order to scare people into thinking they really have a serious infection and they need to purchasing the software to clean their PC's.

If your PC is infected with SpyProtector, you should remove it immediately. Click here to remove SpyProtector with VIRPE.

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