Thursday, February 19, 2009


Anti-Virus-1 is a rogue anti-spyware application. Made to look like legitimate antivirus software, Anti-Virus-1 is a complete scam, created by the same crooks who made Antivirus 2010.

Anti-Virus-1 infects computer systems via Trojans, mostly Zlob or Vundo. Once installed, AntiVirus 1 configures operating system to run this rogue before any other programs, followed by fake system scans and flooding the system with pop-up windows and similar alert notices about system infections, errors and other threats. These alerts and notices of infection are fake, made to scare people into buying the software.

Anti-Virus-1 as well as Antivirus 2010 have been reported to add entries to the HOSTS file so that if the user goes to any of a number of technology sites, including, they are instead brought to their site and are shown other content. This content includes a false product review of the fake anti-malware product.

Do not trust Anti-Virus-1 or Antivirus 2010, click here to remove these parasites with VIPRE.

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