Wednesday, February 11, 2009


SystemGuardCenter is a rogue antispyware software, made to look like a legit security software. System Guard Center is a complete scam, using scare tactics to frighten people into buying this completely useless software. Avoid this pest, and do not waste your money buying this corrupt software!!

System Guard Center is a clone of another rogue antispyware called System Guard 2009, do yourself a favor and avoid both of these parasites.

When System Guard Center infects a computer it will immediately perform a fake scan and flood the system with pop-up windows warning of security threats. These fake warnings and scan results are all in an attempt to frighten people into thinking their computers are infected and they need to buy the software to clean their PC's. Once System Guard Center is purchase, it does nothing, it's completely useless.

If your computer is infected with System Guard Center, you can remove it easily enough with VIPRE, just click here to remove this vermin now.

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