Tuesday, March 17, 2009

General Antivirus

General Antivirus is a phony antivirus software, or a rogue antivirus. General Antivirus uses scare tactics to trick people into buying this corrupt software. Do not trust General Antivirus, do not buy this software, remove this parasite from infected computers immediately.

General Antivirus makes it's way from PC to PC with the help of Trojans and misleading advertising on the internet. After a PC is infected with General Antivirus it will continually show system security alerts, system scans and warnings that are all false, intended to scare the user into thinking they need to buy General Antivirus to remove a multitude of infections from the computer. The real infection is General Antivirus. If your PC is infected with this parasite, you should remove it immediatly.

General Antivirus is a clone of Personal Antivirus, another nasty rogue that has ripped off thousands of victims.

VIPRE can remove General Antivirus and the Trojans that installed the program on your PC, click here to use VIPRE to remove all malicious threats from your PC now.

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