Wednesday, June 24, 2009

System Security 2009

System Security 2009 is a rogue antispyware software, designed to rip people off. If System Security 2009 is installed on your PC, you should remove it immediately.

System Security 2009 makes its way onto unsuspecting PC's with the help of Trojans and misleading advertisments. Once System Security 2009 is installed on a PC it will preform a system scan and report numerous infections, which are all fake. System Security 2009 will also display multiple security warnings and system alerts that are fake as well. These fake infection warnings are used to frighten people into buying the full version of System Security 2009 to clean the infection off the PC. System Security 2009 is completely useless, the ultimate scam, the software does not remove malware or protect the PC from future infections. System Security 2009 is a PC parasite, an infection in itself, and should be avoided.

VIPRE can remove System Security 2009, see the video below for a demonstration:

Click here to download VIPRE and remove System Security from your PC now.

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