Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Perfect Defender 2009

Perfect Defender 2009 is a fake security software, or a rogue antispyware software, or a complete scam. Perfect Defender 2009 was designed to rip people off.

Perfect Defender 2009 is usually installed on unsuspecting users PC's because they clicked on misleading advertisments that claim to scan your computer for infections. Instead of scanning the computer, these misleading advertisments install rogue software like Perfect Defender 2009.

Once Perfect Defender 2009 is installed on a computer it will display security alerts in the form of scan results, pop ups and system warnings. These security alerts are all fake, designed to frighten users into paying for the full version of the software to remove the supposed infections.

Do not buy Perfect Defender 2009, it is a complete rip off, after users buy this useless software they are no more protected than before, but instead cyber criminals now have their credit card numbers.

If your computer is infected with this PC parasite, Click here to remove Perfect Defender 2009 form your PC with VIPRE.

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