Friday, July 17, 2009

Windows Security Suite

Windows Security Suite is a rogue security software, or a fake security software designed to rip you off. Windows Security Suite is not associated with Microsoft Windows in any way, but is in fact a PC parasite that should be removed from infected computers immediately.

Windows Security Suite usually makes it's way onto a computer with the help of trojans, once it is installed the program will do a multitude of things to get the user to buy a full version of the program. Windows Security Suite will display system scans stating the PC is infected, it will display pop up alerts and system warnings stating the PC is infected. All these false warnings are used to get people to buy the full version of the software to clean these supposed infections off the machine, which is of course a scam. The full purchased version of Windows Security Suite is completely useless, it will not prevent future infections or remove current infections form the computer.

Windows Security Suite is a very difficult infection to remove from a computer, the program will disable other legitimate security software on the computer to prevent detection and removal. This parasite will also redirect web browsers to malicious websites to prevent downloading other security software to remove it.

If you PC is infected with Windows Security Suite, you can remove it now buy clicking here and downloading a free 15-day trial of VIPRE.

VIPRE will easily detect and remove Windows Security Suite from infected computers.

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