Tuesday, August 25, 2009


WiniShield is a PC infection known as Rogue Antispyware, this parasite is designed to look and act like security software, but is in fact an infection that should be removed immediately.

WiniShield is a rogue security software created by the same cyber thieves who created and distributed WiniSoftBlue, another nasty rogue infection many PC users have had to contend with over the years.

Once WiniShield is infects a PC it will open automatically every time the PC is booted up. WiniShield will run a system scan and state that there are numerous infections that need to be removed, which can only be done if you purchase the full version of the software. These scan results are fake, used to frighten PC users into buying the full version of the software, which is completely useless, an elaborate scam used to rip off thousands of PC users daily.

If your PC is infected with WiniShield you may be experiencing annoying pop-ups and security alerts telling you your PC is infected or not protected. Your web browser may be redirecting to strange websites when browsing the internet. Your PC may be running extremely slow or sluggish. To rid yourself of WiniShield and all these annoying roadblocks when using your PC, you should remove WiniShield form your PC now.

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