Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Security Mechanic

Security Mechanic is a rogue antispyware, or a fake security software designed to rip off PC users. If your PC is infected with Security Mechanic, you should remove the corrupt software immediately, as it poses a serious security risk for any PC user infected with this parasite.

Security Mechanic usually infects via Trojans and misleading advertisments for online virus scanners on malicious websites across the internet. Once Security Mechanic infects a PC it will begin a system security scan every time the PC is started. This system scan will report numerous infections and refuse to remove the infections until the user purchases the full version of the software. This is all an elaborate scam. The system scan Security Mechanic runs reports false infections, do not fall for the scam and pay for this software as it is corrupt and completely useless.

Users that are experiencing a Security Mechanic infection will most likely be experiencing the following:
System Scans every time the PC is booted
Pop ups and system alerts stating the PC is infected
System Warnings telling the user the PC is not protected
Web browser hijacking, making it almost impossible to browse the web
A very slow and sluggish PC

If your PC is infected with Security Mechanic, your PC is most likely infected with other trojans and spyware as well. To remove Security Mechanic and other malicious infections from your PC, click here to download VIPRE Antivirus.

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