Thursday, September 3, 2009

Green AV

Green AV is a rogue antivirus software, or a phony, it is made to look like legit security software but is actually a harmful PC infection. If Green AV is installed on you computer, you should remove it immediately.

Green AV usually makes its way onto a PC with the help of Trojans or misleading advertisments on shady websites that pretend to be online virus scanners. Once a computer is infected with Green AV it will run a system scan and report numerous infections that can not be removed unless the user purchases the full version of the software. Do not be fooled by these scan results or reports, they are fake, displayed to make users think their PC is infected so they will fall for the scam and buy the software. Do not purchase Green AV, the software will not remove PC infections, it will not prevent future infections, it is a completely useless software designed to rip you off.

Green AV will also bombard the user with security warnings, pop ups and system alerts stating that the PC is infected, under attack or is not protected with Antivirus software. All these warnings are false and used to frighten people into buying the software. PC users infected with Green AV may also experience programs being shut down or not opening, browser redirecting or security warnings while browsing the web. All these things are done to get the user to fall for the scam and buy the software.

If your PC is infected with Green AV, you should remove it immediately. Click here to use VIPRE Antivirus to remove Green AV from your PC now.

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