Wednesday, December 9, 2009

DefenceLab - D.lab

DefenceLab is a rogue antispyware software that uses nasty tricks to infect PC's and scam people. If DefenceLab is installed on your PC, you should remove it immediately.

The DefenceLab User Interface

DefenceLab uses a slightly different approach than most rogue security software. DefenceLab will try to trick the people into paying for the program with the use of FakeAlert pop-ups that direct people to a Microsoft Support page (
The page is modified and links are replaced, instead of remove DefenceLab, the links actually trick people into downloading "DefenceLab".

A screenshot of the Fake Microsoft page with instructions to remove DefenceLab that actually downloads the rogue in stead of uninstalling it.

A fake alert created by DefenceLab made to look like it is from Windows Security Center

If DefenceLab is installed on your PC, you should remove it immediately, and obviously you need to be careful where you get your uninstall directions from, be wary of anything that looks like it's from Microsoft.

You can use VIPRE to remove DefenceLab. Click here to use VIPRE's free 15-day trial to remove DefenceLab from your PC now.

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  1. Yeah I totally agree with you, is a scam site, they put a trogan in your computer into your internet browers locking into your computers core, they set it up so they get you to pay for their software. There is no software it is a complete scam. Call your bank and file chargeback and make a ripoff on