Tuesday, October 6, 2009


TrustCop is another rogue antispyware software that is made to look like a legitimate security software, yet is a complete scam designed to rip people off.

If your PC is infected with TrustCop you may notice the following:

  • Bombardment of pop ups and security warnings stating your PC is infected or under attack
  • System alerts stating your PC is not protected
  • System scans that report numerous infections
  • Web browser redirecting
  • Web browser showing errors stating your PC is infected
  • Programs shutting down or not opening
All these system scans, pop up warnings and alerts are all false, only shown to frighten you into buying TrustCop. If you do fall for the TrustCop scam and buy the software, you will quickly learn that the program is completely useless. Trust Cop will not remove infections from your computer and it will not prevent future infections. The truth is TrustCop is the true infection and it should be removed from your PC immediately.

If your PC is infected with TrustCop, click here to remove the infection from your PC now with VIPRE.

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