Friday, December 11, 2009


IGuardPC is the latest rogue antivirus software released by cyber criminals. Rogue antivirus software is designed to rip people off, usually with scare tactics that trick people with false warnings and alerts into buying the software.

IGuardPC uses false system scans that report numerous false malware infections. IGuardPC will then demand purchase of the software before removing the supposed infections. IGuardPC will actually take over Windows Security Center in attempts to trick people into buying the software. IGuardPC will also prevent users from opening other programs, using false corruption or infection warnings that recommend purchasing. Some users feel so frustrated because they can't open any programs, basically their PC's are rendered nearly useless because IGuardPC is reeking so much havoc that they will give in and buy the corrupt software. Unfortunately, this never works, after the iGuardPC is purchased the infection only gets worse.

If your PC is infected with iGuardPC, you should remove it from your machine immediately. Click here to use VIPRE to remove iGuardPC from your computer now.

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