Friday, December 11, 2009

Internet Security 2010

Internet Security 2010 is a phony security program, designed to look and act like legitimate security software.

Screen shot of the Internet Security 2010 GUI after it infects a PC.

The actual website pushing this phony software is McAfee Secure, or claims it is anyway.
Doesn't that make you feel warm and fuzzy?

Internet Security 2010 uses false infection alerts to frighten people into buying the software. Internet Security 2010 will run a system scan and report multiple infections that are completely false. The rogue will then require payment for the software before it will remove the supposed infections. Internet Security 2010 will also show pop-ups and system warning alerts stating the PC is infected or not protected and prompts users to purchase the corrupt software. Unfortunately a large number of people actually fall for the scam because they don't realize these scan results and pop-up warnings are fake.

Internet Security 2010 system scan results showing fictitious infections.

While the rogue is active it also blocks the running of all other applications, making infected PC's nearly useless.

Internet Security 2010 will not remove spyware or malware from infected systems, and it will not prevent future infections. If Internet Security 2010 has infected your computer, you can remove the corrupt software for free with VIPRE. Click here to use VIPRE to remove Internet Security 2010 from your PC now.

If you are infected with Internet Security 2010, you definitely didn't have VIPRE Antivirus installed:
VIPRE Prevents Internet Security 2010 from infecting systems - Easy as pie!

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