Wednesday, December 9, 2009

PC Live Guard

PC Live Guard is a rogue security program or phony security software that uses scare tactics to frighten people into purchasing a copy of the software.

PC Live Guard will use fake system scans and report false infections then demand payment before it will remove the supposed infections. PC Live Guard will show pop-ups and system alerts that warn the user of infections and recommend the user to purchase the software. Don't be fooled by these scare tactics, PC Live Guard is designed to rip people off.

PC Live Guard will make using the infected computer near impossible, constantly nagging the user to purchase the software with these fake warnings. PC Live Guard will also prevent the user from using other programs, including internet explorer and other web browsers.

If your PC is infected with PC Live Guard, you should remove it immediately. Click here to use VIPRE's free 15-day trial to remove PC Live Guard form your PC now.


  1. Does PC Live Guard also attack the BIOS? My machine got so bad that it was in permanent reboot. Replaced hard disk and reinstalled Windows. Now, I'm having problems with "Blue Screen" reports, indicating a hardware problem. Windows error reports are the usual cryptic codes, making it difficult to know where the problem is.

  2. Good question Larry, honestly, I do not think it attacks the BIOS. Maybe you really have hardware issues. You may think the reports are cryptic but the error codes do mean something. what is the exact error code?

    You can always call Sunbelt tech support and they will be able to help you (it's free, so I highly suggest you give them a call)