Monday, February 8, 2010

Antivirus Soft

Antivirus Soft is a phony antivirus software, designed to look and act like legitimate security software, but is actually a PC infection in itself.

Antivirus Soft uses fake security warnings and system scans to trick people into buying the software. The scam works like this"
  • Antivirus Soft infects a PC while the user is surfing the web, usually through malicious advertising or video file
  • Antivirus Soft will install and begin a system file scan that will report multiple infections and refuse to remove these supposed infections until the user pays for the software
  • If the user does not buy the software it will continually use pop-ups and system warnings stating the computer is infected, under attack or the commuter is unprotected and the antivirus software needs to be purchased
  • The web browser will redirect to malicious websites when trying the surf the web. Many times Antivirus Soft will display warnings in the browser staying the PC is infected and restrict access to websites
  • When the user tries to open any programs Antivirus Soft will show a fake alert saying the application is infected, an example is below:

The above is all an elaborate scam Antivirus Soft uses to trick people into buying the software. Do not fall for the Antivirus Soft scam, if your PC is infected, you should remove Antivirus Soft from your PC immediately.

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