Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Protection Center

Protection Center is a phony security software designed to look and act like legitimate security software, but in fact is an infection.

Protection Center uses system scans that report multiple infection to trick people into buying the software. Protection Center also uses pop-up warning and system tray alerts to frighten people into thinking their system is either under attack, infected or unprotected. Protection Center will also prevent the user from using other programs or the internet by shutting down programs every time they are opened, which can cause major headaches for the user.

If your PC has been infected with Protection Center, you should remove it immediately.
You can use VIPRE to remove Protection Center from your system. Click here to download the free 30-day trial of VIRPE now.


  1. Whoever is responsible for creating this horrible software should be tortured and killed.

  2. That obnoxious thing popped up all of a sudden on my computer a couple of weeks ago.. It was obviously fake, as the only page it would go to would be a page pretending to be an antispyware company with something to sell in return for some odd $59.00. Not having any special knowledge about software, whenever I find something strange on my computer, I usually run my own antispy - antivirus programs, if the problem remains, I try System Restore.. if that doesn't work, usually Google will have a remedy that will take care of the problem. This horrible thing would not allow for me to access any of the above, or anything else at all... In a desperate attempt to stop the thing, I restarted my computer and pushed the "F8" key hoping to get the advanced options menu, therefore the ability to access Safe Mode. To my total astonishment, I was able to access both, restarted again this time in safe mode... from where I was then able to sucessfully restore my computer to a date and time prior to the appearance of "Protection Center". The malicious software was completely gone after the restore and I've not seen it since. That had been a wild guess on my part, but it apparently did the trick. I'm sharing my "flukey discovery" (even if many who read this comment think I'm an idiot) because I'd be happy if this comment helps even one person who gets infected with this particular malicious software who might otherwise believe that the only remedy is to purchase additional and possibly unnecessary software. I don't know if doing what I just described would work for anybody else or not. However, since accessing the Advanced Options Menu during a restart is completely free, as is running Windows System Restore in (or out of) Safe Mode, seems it might be worth at least a try before spending money on something else in an attempt to get rid of it... good luck to all..