Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Win Antispyware Center

Win Antispyware Center is a rogue antispyware program that tricks PC users into thinking it's legitimate security software. Win Antispyware Center uses fake security warning, system scans and pop-up alerts stating the PC is infected to frighten people into buying the program.

Win Antispyware Center usually infects PC after PC with fake video codec errors that state the browser cannot display a video that the user is trying to watch because an ActiveX error. When the user clicks to download ActiveX, instead it downloads this rogue software and most likely many other viruses and rootkits.

Below is an example of the Video Codec Error that was used to install Win Antispyware Center from a porn site.

If Win Antispyware Center has infected your computer, you should remove it immediately, as it will make your life hell. Win Antispyware Center will bombard the user with pop-ups saying the PC is under attack, it's infected or that the antispyware software needs to be registered. Win Antispyware Center will also run system scans and report multiple infections that are completely fictitious. If left on the machine Win Antispyware Center will eventually prevent the user from opening any other programs, including web browsers, stating they are infected.

You can remove Win Antispyware Center from your PC now with VIPRE Antivirus. Click here to download a free 30-day trial of VIPRE.

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