Monday, January 12, 2009


AntiSpyZone is a malicious computer parasite and should be avoided, computers infected with AntiSpyZone should have this program removed immeidately

AntiSpyZone is a fake anti-spyware software that infects computers through a Trojan such as Zlob or through web browser security holes. AntiSpyZone tries to tempt people into buying the “full version” of its software by launching false security alerts that the PC is infected with spyware and malware. When creating these fake warnings, AntiSpyZone may note legitimate and clean files on the system as dangerous, in attempt to scare the user into buying the corrupt software.

When computers are infected with AntiSpyZone, they may experience a large amount of advertisements. It’s recommended users remove AntiSpyZone immediately.

Click here to remove AntiSpyZone now.
(The above link will initiate VIPRE download. Use the free 15-day trial to remove AntiSpyZone from your computer.)

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