Tuesday, January 13, 2009


AntiWorm2008 is a rogue antivirus application that is a scam and should be avoided. Infected computers should have AntiWorm2008 removed immediately.

AntiWorm2008 can be installed on a PC via security exploits or via other unsolicited ways it can also be installed by a Trojan. Once inside a PC, AntiWorm2008 will start delivering deceptive warnings urging people to pay for the full version of the alleged program. AntiWorm2008 will mislead users with its reports stating that their computer is heavily infected with spyware.

If not properly removed, AntiWorm2008 may have an ability to recreate itself. AntiWorm2008 is known to be affiliated with AntiSpywareSuite, TrustedProtection and AntivirusPCSuite.

To remove AntiWorm2008, we recommend using VIPRE Antivirus. Use the free 15-day trial to take care of this nasty pest and clean any other malicious threats from your computer.

Click here to remove AntiWorm2008 with VIPRE.

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