Monday, January 19, 2009


DRMedic is a phony anti-spyware software praying on unsuspecting PC users, scamming them into paying for the full version of this software with frightening and false security warnings.

DrMedic should be avoided, you should not purchase DRMedic and infected PC's should have this parasite removed immediately.

DrMedic usually infects computers with Downloader.DRMedic, a Trojan downloader that downloads the files from internet and execute them without user's permission.

DrMedic is a potentially dangerous rogue anti spyware and an infection should be taken seriously. DrMedic is usually very hard to remove manually from an infected computer because it will continually try to reinstall itself. We recommend using a legit Antivirus or antispyware software, such as VIPRE Antivirus.

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