Friday, January 23, 2009


InfeStop is a phony antispyware software, or rogue antispyware software. If your computer is infected with InfeStop, we strongly recommend you remove it asap. InfeStop should not be trusted and you should not buy this corrupt software under any circumstances.

InfeStop is a commonly brought into a computer by a Trojan that may infiltrate the machine via browser security holes. After InfeStop is installed, it will generate fake error messages and try to scare people into purchasing the full version of the program in order to be able to eliminate the threats it "found". InfeStop will slow down the system and cause instability. Immediate removal of InfeStop is strongly recommended.

Click here to start removal of InfeStop.
(The above link will start VIPRE Antivirus download, use the free trial to remove InfeStop from your PC easily with no cost.)

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