Friday, January 23, 2009


SpyGuardPro is a rogue anti-spyware software that is often downloaded and installed typically through a Trojan named Zlob. SpyGuardPro is a scam and should not be purchased. Save your money do not buy SpyGuardPro, this software preys on unsuspecting gullible people to believe their scare tactics and purchase the corrupt software.

When SpyGuardPro is installed on a PC the Trojan Zlob will show fake notifications of imaginary security and privacy risks to make people believe that Microsoft Windows is reporting a spyware infection. Although SpyGuardPro may appear to be a legitimate application for the removal of spyware, it will continually display false spyware reports during scan to lure people into purchasing the software.

If your PC has been infected with SpyGuardPro, we strongly recommend you remove it immediately.

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