Tuesday, December 1, 2009

People of Walmart Pushing Malware?

PeopleofWalmart.com has become very popular in the past few months - but you may want to reconsider heading over there to gawk at the crazy people who frequent the superstore on a regular basis...

Just today bungalowbillscw.blogspot.com reports that PeopleofWalmart.com may have been responsible for infecting his PC with Antivirus System Pro 2009, a nasty rogue antivirus software that has been plaguing the internet recently.

Play it safe people, if you want to see the crazy people of Walmart, we suggest getting out and taking a trip to your local Walmart Superstore! (Don't forget your camera phone!)


  1. I got this stupid "system Pro" virus from the peopleofwalmart site a few days ago. It completely halted all actions on my computer and somehow "looped" access into itself so that I couldn't get onto the internet (to get help). We couldn't even access any files on the computer. It makes you believe that you have a virus and tells you you have to buy their anti-virus software. We tried many different things to fix it as I immediatly recognized it for what it was. We were finally able to fix it when we went into safe mode and do a system restore. I will not go back onto the site. It was one of my favorites that I would visit until the one day as soon as I visited it I got this thing. I never even clicked on any ads.

  2. I've had this happen on PoW and awkwardfamilyphotos.com - two of my favorite "break" sites. I've run SuperAntiVirus Spyware then MalwareBytes to remove this nasty thing. It literally takes over everything...and takes a good two-three hours to fix.

    I would hope the PoW people and AFP folks would get on this... soon!

  3. Yes, I just had to clean my computer. I know that twice my computer has been hijacked by a virus while looking at People Of Wal-Mart.
    Yesterday we found 3 seperate virus that had taken control of my IE and locked up all my documents.

    I'll be Removing the site from my Favorites...

  4. I just visited People of Walmart today and was immediately infected with malware. Beware!! Sad that this has been happening since December, apparently without anyone bothering to fix it...

  5. I watched today as Anti-Virus 2010 tried to take over my wife's laptop after visiting peopleofwalmart.com as well.

    Lucky for me, my anti-virus and anti-spyware stopped it dead. (nod32 and malware-bytes)